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matter of taste

The Balvenie guy always makes me smile. What a guy. My kind of guy, because he is illustrated, I adore his philosophy and educated air, the cut of his suit, the chic bow tie, glasses and his stance. He’s the sort of guy that I would like to have a scotch with, Balvenie Scotch. There is also something appealing about him appearing in the Wall Street Journal. He has what I call business acumen. Plus he has great little quips that make him unique. Just in case you cannot read what he is saying, I have typed it here for you to read. “It may simply be a matter of taste but I find illustration to be much more sophisticated than photography, don’t you?”

As an artist, I do love a great black and white photo, however, I see in “illustration” and in “story” and I do agree that illustration gives an air of sophistication. It is a matter of taste.
Would you like an illustration of you? Slimmer, richer, taller, smarter – it can easily be done in an illustration! After all photos add weight and never lie while an illustration can simply add sophistication and wit. Humor me.
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