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kissed by the sun

Several years ago, my mother painted this water-color of three of her toe head grandchildren, Christian, Alexandra, and Amelia – my daughter on the right.  Many people refer to blondies as “toe-heads.”  This phrase or name was coined in the 19th century and “toe” is actually from the word “tow” meaning a flax, hemp, golden fiber.  I love this painting, the way the light shines on these little angels and the way they are standing so close and in awe of the flowers.  The flowers are playful and simple while the children look to be on the verge of making mischief and picking these flowers yet waiting for the green light from their Grandma.  

My mother has always had a contemporary way of capturing children and to me this painting embraces the “toe-head” magic.  It is as if they were kissed by the sun, a color that every salon would like to have in a bottle.  


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