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elaborate time

I began to think in terms of time being elaborate and full, almost of having too much time rather than never enough.  Did you ever imagine that time or a clock could be an elaborate one, a glorious one providing you with a “carpe diem” pendulum. Whenever I am feeling that there is never enough time, suddenly, there is not.  

However, when I give myself time, not to rush nor push, things always go all the more smoothly. 
I illustrated this elaborate clock for each of you to print and hang in a spot to remind yourself to take time, quality time, and realize that the extra time you allow –  will reward you with a few more minutes each day.  After all life is not to be counted in the minutes, nor the days, but in the years.

How do you make more time in your day to add years to elaborate upon your life?
A client makes good use of her time, Annie’s Rhyme Time.  She writes clever jingles for all occasions or for just the “right time.”  Check out her new web-site.  I illustrated the virtual shop.
Annie will always make time for you.

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