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to teach

Often, I will have a parent inquire as to where a child might take some decent art lessons, the kind that really teach you to draw and not make another catalogue craft.  I reply, “well, I began my first year of college in Art Education but after meeting one very fashionable and incredibly funny friend, it seemed that Fashion Designers had more fun.   I made the switch to Fashion and many years later, after having children, I could see that teachers have just as much fun if not more.”   (I can see that said parent, held hostage, did not anticipate my soliloquy!)  To teach is to share my passion and to light the fire inside of a student.  Many people think that being a good artist is all about “talent” – but it is really all about working at it and exploring the many mediums of art.  Above is a drawing from one of my students, he wanted to draw his home as a gift.  What a kind and hard working student to teach.   My world is a better brighter place when I share my love of art and inspire others.  To teach is to inspire.  

Parent normally retorts, when can said child begin?

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