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desk vignettes part VIIII

Part of my impetus to post a series of desk vignettes and office spaces was purely to peek inside your space as well as give a dear friend some motivation  to help her rally to find a niche for her writing.  Kwana writes!
After all, what are best friends for.  
I think if my memory serves me, I may have even told her to buy the house she is in rather than the one on that busy street, (this one is also walking distance from my home.)  Selfish interests at heart.  But it is all about the location.  Given the price of gas, it would also have required me to drive, but now I can walk. 
As a house-warming gift, I illustrated her charming home which she used as her moving announcement.  I like drawing and painting for friends, they always love my work or at least they tell me they do.  

Now that her writing nook is ready, please take a look and oh, by the way, if you watch any of the same tv shows, she’d love to hear from you.  We are best friends but I hate to admit, I am not up on my shows,  but it’s good to have friends who keep me “tv current!”   Oh, she has plans for a little flat screen in there.   She’s also very up to date on the current political presidential race.  I turn to her to keep me informed.  After all, what are friends for?  Surely it’s not all about our teenage twins. (Oops, it is to them!)
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