Artful Living


“Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgement difficult.”

             –  Hippocrates (460-400 B.C)
My art-work requires work.  I face the paper each day with thoughts, scores of pictures and ideas swirl inside until they take shape.   Ingredients lie before me, water, pens, brush, paint, paper but often the recipe for the actual work is not complete until I have done the work.  Art requires work and patience, trust, and the ability to capture the thoughts that are allowed to be still.   Challenges and obstacles often present the most fear, yet they have produced some of my best work.  When I began this on-line journal, I never imagined the experience of hearts that I might be able to touch, to inspire, and to meet.  My art tells me that life is short and that I have a long road ahead of me with many incredible experiences.  I have committed myself to my work, to my hands and to my art.  Thank-you to each of you who have faith in me and my art.
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