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amusing grace

My penchant for creating an artful life attracted this graceful photo stylist to me.  Apparently, I had inspired her to join the sea of bloggers.  Please welcome one musette, Maureen Burns. 

Maureen began “prep” styling as a way to earn some extra income while she was illustrating and she never looked back. The diversity and pace of photo styling lured her as well as the ability to take everyday items and place them in an extraordinary way.   Styling involves looking closely with a fresh perspective.  Like Goldilocks, she knows when the items at hand are just right. 
Finding beauty and setting it in a magical light provides fascination for Maureen as well as the photographer.  The black and white photo is Maureen and her boyfriend.
He happens to be a photographer which I find amusing.  I adore black and white photographs.

Look at this photo, the shabby kitchen is a clever backdrop for these gorgeous children.
Maureen has a favorite, a book which is  “Garden People” – my kinda people.  Take a look at the photographs.  You will be inspired to pick up your own and add it to your book collection.  After all, so many of us love books as well as the garden.

All from a grain of sand, comes one amusing pearl, full of grace.   I love the way Maureen styled these beauties.  It looks like the perfect potion for me.  Please welcome Maureen, she is one Musette to watch.  Go ahead and keep us gracefully amused.  Oh, and please wish her a Happy St.Patricks day, after she does have a wee bit o Irish in her.  
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