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A  writer must write for one and touch thousands.  They need to withdraw and to express something from deep within themselves.  They hear voices that others do not.  Listening urgently to what others cannot hear.  The process of a writer is akin to magic.  A magical friend of mine is writing and working towards a book.  Feeding and fueling a passionate desire.  I witness the arduous task and lonely road of writing and the dedication to listen to the voice.

A voice that I hear and speak to nearly every day is that of a dear and kind friend who is a writer.  Kwana writes everyday.   I am grateful to her for honoring me with my illustration as her masthead.
We met years ago and it was fate that brought us to one another.  We share so much in life.   Ordinary people on an extraordinary path, both facing the blank paper with fear, with excitement, all the while, listening to a unique voice from within.  Acknowledging her precious voice and special friendship gives me gratitude for the good and the bad each and every day.  I am grateful for her daily words.  Please take a moment to visit my friend and send her a comment.  You will be so grateful that you met a beautiful voice and her little mascot, Jack.
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