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Mellow Yellow

Please allow me to introduce you to my dear friend, Mrs.Blandings.   She keeps a lovely tidy blog full of wit, whimsy and charm regarding love of decor, design and architecture and a friendship of all things yellow. Fate has brought us together, though we have actually never even met in person.  She is a dear one, bringing me into her home, showing me her latest projects from A to Z.    Often she seeks good counsel which humbles me.
Her daily words speak to me, the love of raising sons and being a good citizen while steadily balancing a home, and a blog, (and a dog with an itch)!  Her collective canvas runs deep, as she is an avid needle pointer and a love of rare finds from horns to spheres.  She is never sardonic, but quick witted, yes, honest and straightforward, right around the bend and down that lane. Her approach to life is a clever, one born of good stock and rock solid.  She has brought me to laughter as well as to tears.
Surely you must have met her selecting just the right shade of yellow in the hardware store.
Now, be a dear and tell me that you know her.  If not, you really should, I know you would get along famously.  She has been a dear to me and posted so many of my illustrations inspired by her mellow yellow world.  
Now, please leave a comment, a limerick, a riddle or a recipe for dear Mrs. Blandings.  I must go check the “roast” in the oven for I smell something burning.  Be a good citizen and leave a word or two for the dear.   She deserves a good roast served with some fresh “dijon” mustard and clever side dish or a tip about apples, especially macs.

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