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Fill me up with style

Smitten with a new catalogue that just arrived, Serena and Lily.   Simply click on the link to request a FREE catalog from Serena & Lily  Bringing babies home was a wonderful memory for me as well as preparing the nest.  One will find clarity, quality and hip style at Serena and Lily.  I especially love the way they name each room and list the qualities that the name implies as well as simple design tips.   My mother always told me that having a baby or a freshly decorated room was like falling in love all over.  Get ready to be smitten and want another baby just to have the room.  On second thought, maybe not now that I have teenagers.   Automobiles, Gas and insurance are waiting just round the bend for me.  Fill me up with fresh decor!  Take a look at the new book out by the dynamic duo.

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