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Carrie Donovan was a great lady of style.  She was a top Fashion editor and discovered many great designers and models in her day.  She loved finding talent, as she introduced Elsa Peretti to Tiffany.   Madame Donovan accessorized herself with turbans from Halston, Cuffs from Peretti, large Pearls and dressed in classics.   She was loved by everyone as she made every designer ” feel good” – now who wouldn’t like that?   When she walked into a room, you could hear her large bracelets or cuffs clang and you could smell her sweetness, she loved good perfume.  Often, french words would roll off her tongue in a “tres” chic manner.  If she liked something, she would say, “I’m mad about it!”  I met her several times while I was working as a design assistant at Ralph Lauren and she was always a lady.  Larger than life, a grande doyenne and arbiter of style.

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