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Twice as nice

My mother always wanted “twins” even after having a tribe of seven, she still always thought about what it would be like to raise twins. She had to wait for her daughter, (that would be me) to have twin sons. I’d of course never given it a thought but now they are my son(s) and my moon.

As infants, they had a special bond and that bond seems to have only gotten better, aged like a solid vintage. A strong blend of bold, oaky, and at times a bit of a fruity essence permeates their teenage selves. Side by side they experience life as partners, as brothers as twins. Each one beats to his own drum, yet listening closely to that of his twin. They often finish each others sentence never missing a beat. Most of all, they have each other to amuse, encourage and to poke fun at . Now that sounds like a perfect partnership.

I now see why my mother wondered what it would be like to have twins. This painting by Maurice van Essche, made me think of twins, and then of laundry. These ladies in the painting look as if they could be twins and have stopped to have a chat with these wash baskets confidently perched upon their heads. One can only imagine what they are saying. Could they possibly be talking tribal twin talk or comparing soap? So many great painters elevated everyday tasks to make the ordinary seem twice as nice.

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