Artful Living

The Weekend Wanderer

Weekends are a time to wander and to permit yourself to find a bit of pleasure.  For some it may be sleeping late, spending your day in your pajamas or re-counting a dream, or losing yourself in a book.   A dream of a book titled, “The Wanderer” has always been one of my personal favorites written by Alain-Fournier.   One weekend, I wandered into  a small shop of curiosities and was literally drawn to the cover which was illustrated by Edward Gorey. Picture a young boy cloaked in naive elegance, standing at the edge of the forest of adolescence.   I knew at that moment it was a meant to be acquisition, indeed a rare and lucky find.   This was the only book Fournier ever completed.  ” The Wanderer”  was published in France in 1912 under the title “Le Grand Meaulnes.”  The first English and American editions appeared in 1928.    

Permit yourself to be a weekend wanderer.  Indulge in a hot bath, a long walk, a spot of tea or an aperitif accompanied by a good book.   Allow  your mind to wander, after all it is the weekend! An artists prerequisite is to wander and in that quest, we are renewed.  A wandering I go.