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quick sketch

Many of my clients admire the fact that I am a “quick sketch” and have mastered the ability to freely illustrate quickly.   The thrill for me as an artist is to literally draw upon my vision and “get it out” with speed.  Some of my best work has been done in such a fast and fluid way that I often feel it is just part of the process.  Whenever I be-labour a drawing or get hung up on an idea it produces a forced result.  That said, rushing is no good but setting up a deadline or a goal provides me a bit of steam to stay motivated to being an artist and working with a purpose.  Unless I catch what is known as the dreaded “Artist’s Virus” and that is when something out of your control interferes with your ability to draw and finish a project.  I know that I am not alone, many writers as well as other artists say,  they’ve come down with the “virus” and I can actually hear it in their voice.  

I guess the thrill of the speed of my craft is my sport.  Another artist who loves speed is ski racer Tracie Max Sachs.  She is known as the “Quick Chick” and flies down the mountain at speeds well over 100 miles per hour, setting the current record in the world for a woman’s speed skier.   I really love her red suit and my quick sketch is what I think I’d like my speed suit to look like.
My sponsor would be Micron, they make these fine line archival ink pens that I use and love.   All my clients, family and friends would be there cheering me on
but I really can’t hear them because I am in my own world.
I wonder if her heart beats a little faster like mine does when I am flying around the paper with my pen or be it a brush.   It is a rush for me!  A looming deadline is ahead of me and I must be a quick sketch to cross the finish line.   I wonder if quick chick ever catches the dreaded virus in pursuit of her craft.
Love to hear all about what thrills you as you work towards crossing your own personal finish line.  Do tell!
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