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Little Red Entry

Come in to this little red entry that I was commissioned to paint for a client.  It reminds me of my days when I worked in “Thornbury’s Toy Store” and “Red” was the number one color for that new Schwinn Bicycle, or Little Red Wagon.   The store does not exist anymore but I still see the monkey on the red bike which was the store mascot.  Red makes me smile.  Nothing like red lips or nails to make people stop and take note.  I wonder if that is what Red Riding Hood was really after, a little attention sporting her red hood.
Historically speaking, red is also associated with royalty but to me it is one of the most playful in the palette.  A dear friend only dressed her children in primary red, blue and yellow which to me sounded like a simple solution for entering into the world, confident, happy and ready for a good “Lego” play-date.   Pink or soft blue pale by comparison.

Red certainly provides a rich stage for the owner’s framed canine collection.  Nick, Knack, patty-whack, give a dog a bone and he’ll come rolling home into a little red entry.  Oh, by the way – the owner is a little red ruby of a client.  She came back for more art and is acquiring a “black” chest to put in place of the table and to go in her little red entry.  I’ll be back with a post on, yes, you got it -“black!”

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