Artful Living


Imagine an hourglass.

It’s shape is like the symbol for infinity.  The two sections represent polarity.  The material on one side, the immaterial on the other.  Male, female, hot, cold, north, south, positive, negative.  I think you get the idea.  Now let’s talk about the sand which runs like the stream, the energy that runs, just like the road of life.  – From the book of TAO.

As an artist, we struggle to focus on the moment, which is the sand slipping yet at the same time we are constantly fighting against all which is material.  I love the hourglass as a mental image, an icon for me to create from a stream of consciousness which in turn produces some of my best art.
Life is like an hourglass.

Consciousness is the sand.  May each of you be inspired by the hourglass for this year and to learn to live in the moment.  Welcome.
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