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( pve design – illustrated masthead for blog “All the Best 2007”)
My menu consists of a blog “du jour” which I look forward to every day with unique flavor and originality right at my fingertips.  

One thing that my father taught me was to do something nice every day because you never know how that may help or change a life.  It was more than just going t0 “church” –  in his book, kindness was first and foremost, seconded by doing “all your best.”    He always tells me, “All you can do, is all your best, “Sug” (translation – “sugar”)  All the best 2007 was raised with the same values and she did a sweet thing, you see, she has my artwork as her blog masthead! In turn, I joined the blogosphere with much applause from all the best 2007.   Little did she know that she would be a mentor as well as a muse.    My favorite “blog du jour” shall continue as there are other incredible blogs who deserve a thank-you and a visit!  
Love to know your “blog du jour” on your menu of favorites.
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